5 Tips & Tricks To Remove Pet Pee From Your Tile And Grout

Remove Pet Pee From Your Tile And Grout

We human beings have a very special friendship with our pets. We all love our pets a lot. And, if you also have a pet, then, you must be loving them too. But, there are times when they can frustrate you in no time. Especially when they pee up on your tile and grout which makes your tile and grout very dirty and smelly. So if you want to remove pet pee from your tile and grout deeply cleaning them is very important. If you want to keep your tiles and grout looking clean or beautiful, hire an expert. And, in this article,

5 Tips and Tricks to Remove Pet Pee from Your Tile and Grout

Some Hints of Pet Activity

If you have pets in your home, then, the most notable evidence of pet activity you will get in your home is fur on almost every piece of furniture your pets occupy. Your pets must have dandruff in their fur which can cause asthma attacks. Even oil secretions from their hair can harden and can leave behind a very smelly residue on your floors. Pet urine leaves are hard to ignore or remove stains and odor on your tile and grout. This odor can be very irritating and can create an unhygienic environment in your home which increases bacterial infection. But, following regular tile and grout cleaning in Canberra you will be able to get rid of the unwanted smell.

Spot urine

Well, your nose and eye are enough to detect your pet pee in your home, as it leaves a very irritating smell behind and also a hard-to-remove stain. If you have pets like cats who tend to be very creative when it comes to concealing excretion. Your pet’s urine can discolour your upholstery when it comes in contact. You need to point out the signs of fabric damage or stains for doing cleansing.

Switch on the light to locate cleansing areas

All thanks to technology. As it comes in handy when it’s about discovering dirty patches that are kind of hard to spot with your naked eyes. Ultraviolet rays are very useful at unearthing the upholstery which is in dire need of treatment.

Moisture detector

To remove pet pee from your tile and grout moisture detector is very useful. It contains uric acid which draws moisture regularly from the surface after coming into contact with the acidic component. And, that is why it is recommended to use moisture detectors which will help you to trace the portions which have come into contact with uric acids.

How to remove pet pee stains

Now for removing pet pee from your tile and grout, what else you can do? You can use vinegar as an alternate cleanser, you can also use bleach as a last resort, or you can also do Perth floor cleaning.


So, these are 5 tips and tricks to remove pet pee from your tile and grout. Follow these tips and keep your tile and grout clean or fresh forever. We always give the finest tile and grout cleaning service in Canberra to make your tiles look new. Hence to schedule a booking you can simply call us at 02 6105 9869