Marble Cleaning

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Are you worried about cleaning your stained and soiled marble flooring? Get it cleaned excellently with our professionals! At Tims Tile cleaning Canberra, we are dedicated to offering you a flawless marble cleaning Canberra service that instantly polishes your tile flooring, restoring its gleaming finish right away! We always use marble-friendly and eco-safe polishing products that neither contaminate the indoor air quality nor affect the marble quality. Our marble cleaners are professionally trained and certified, so you can stay worry-free! Besides we keep our service charge highly affordable which is free from any hidden charges. Also, you can opt for our same day tile cleaning services anytime! Ring us up today to get a free quote and an exceptional marble cleaning experience!

Marble Cleaning

The Role Of Our Quality Marble Cleaning Services

Our marble cleaning Canberra is specially devised to bring back the sheen and polished appearance of your marble flooring in real-time.

  • Marble stain removal: Our cleaning experts act in removing the unsightly rust and ingrained dirt stains from your marble flooring without affecting its quality. The main element of marble flooring is calcium bicarbonate, and a few stain-removal chemicals suit it. Our experts are well aware of it and use the right solution to remove the pesky stains from the tile surface.
  • Dirt and soil elimination: Soft marble ends up getting scratch marks due to rough scrubbing. That is why our experts use gentle scrubbing elements and mild cleansing solvents that remove the deep-trapped soil and filth from the marble and grouts without leaving any marks or residuals behind!
  • Shiny and glossy finish: Over time, your marble floor starts looking dull and unattractive. But our experts employing industry-grade polishing agents re-polish your marble flooring, reinstating its sheen and lustre.

How It Is Done By Our Competent Team

Our marble cleaning Canberra program involves four steps, that includes:

  • Scrubbing: with a soft scrubbing method, we first remove the surface dirt as well as ingrained soil from the marble and grouts.
  • Grinding: Then to remove the obstinate stains and any scratch marks from the floor, we gently grind out the thin layer of the marble tile with stones, grits, and pads on a Disc Machine.
  • Cleaning: For a gleaming finish, we conduct a mechanical cleaning process to clean the marble surface using water and cleaning agents.
  • Polishing: To achieve a mirror-like shine, our marble cleaning Canberra experts polish your marble flooring with diamond polishing pads, special mild chemicals, etc.

Why Should You Choose Us For Marble Cleaning In Canberra?

When it comes to acquiring marble cleaning Canberra services, we can be a first-rate choice in the entire city! There are countless reasons to choose us other than our alternatives. Here we’ve listed the most top-notch reasons:

  • Licensed experts: The marble cleaners working with us are professionally-trained and possess Certificate III in cleaning operations. So with us, both your marble floor and money are safe!
  • Advanced cleaning techniques and products: We employ state-of-the-art and industrial-approved marble cleaning tools, chemicals, and techniques that offer superior outcomes and long-term results.
  • Timely service: We never make any unnecessary delays! Our professionals are punctual and reach your doorstep within the mentioned time.
  • Affordable price rates: Our marble cleaning Canberra services will never drain out of your pocket! It’s affordable and free of any additional charges.
  • 24/7 availability: Our doors are open 24/7, so you can choose to book us at any time of the day! In fact, we are available even on holidays and weekends. Our staff have Certificate III in Cleaning Operations.


One of the best and most reasonable services

Rated 4.0 out of 5
February 8, 2023

This company offers a fantastic service from booking to cleaning. The professional gave me a few pieces of advice on how to maintain tiles and grouts. He cleaned my tiled floors beautifully and charged less. I highly recommend it!

G. Philip

Best steam cleaning company

Rated 5.0 out of 5
February 8, 2023

I was so frustrated with my tiled floor because of germs, dust, and other irritants. The experts of this company used steam cleaning for cleaning tiles and solved my problems. My floors look beautiful and smell great now. Thank you so much!

S. Coyote

Great tile sealing technique

Rated 5.0 out of 5
February 8, 2023

My tiles were looking so bad and smelled disgusting. But thanks to this company. The employee was an expert and uses the steam cleaning method to remove stubborn stains and smells. My tiles were sealed as well. Now the floors are looking pretty and smell great. Fantastic job!

M. Green