How To Clean Tile And Grout By Using Natural Methods At Home?

Many things contribute to dirty tiles and grout. You must know what the reasons are so that you can follow the preventive principles too. If you want to have sparkling tiles then tile and grout cleaning by natural methods will be an important thing. Here are some of the methods that you need to understand How To Clean Tile And Grout By Using Natural Methods At Home?

Tile And Grout
Tile And Grout

Scrub the Tile and Grout With Baking Soda and a Scrubber

If you want to get rid of the sticky tiles then you must use baking soda for the same. Take some baking soda in the scrubber and start scrubbing the area that has too much mold and stickiness. So, you will see that this will prove to be a successful method.

You Can Also Use Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda Mix

You must mix baking soda and hydrogen peroxide for better results. This will ensure that the grime and the mold will quickly get off. Such home remedies are a boon when you are looking forward to having clean and nice tiles.

Use the Mix of Liquid Detergent and Rubbing Alcohol

If you can mix rubbing alcohol and liquid detergent in equal parts and make this a natural cleaner for dirt over tiles and grout then it can bring in better results. You must mix these two things in a spray bottle and add some water to it. Now, spray this on the tile dirt and then use the mop to remove the dirt. These things will help you in clearing off the dirt on tiles and make them nice and amazing.

Clean the Grime and Bacteria on Tiles With a Salt Scrub

If you wish to enhance the look and hygiene of the tiles then you should clean them with a salt scrub. With this tile and grout cleaning by natural methods, you are making the area bacteria and germ-proof.

Lemon Juice and Mouthwash Mix

You should mix lemon juice and mouthwash mix in equal parts and then use a sponge to apply this to the dirty tiles and grout. Then rub the sponge against the same. You will see that you will get the best results with this remedy.

Ideally, if you want to maintain complete hygiene in your home then it is better to call for the professionals who will clean the tile and grout thoroughly. But, if you are confident enough and think that you can use various home remedies for the same successfully then get ahead and try the above methods.


All the above methods work well against grime that stays on tiles and grout. Make sure that you know what all options work well for you so that there would be no issues at all. Clean tiles would be appealing and would enhance the look of the area. So, be ready to get the relevant solutions. In this blog we suggest How To Clean Tile And Grout By Using Natural Methods At Home?