Secret To Removing Black Mould From Bathroom Grout

Black mould is just gross and filthy. Such black discolourations in your bathroom are just unsightly and disgusting. You do not even know that these can be equally dangerous too. If you see black stains and discolourations in your bathroom, then it is definitely a back mould. Black moulds are scientifically known as stachybotrys chartarum. These can be caused in bathroom tiles due to excess humidity, wetness and moisture, and improper ventilation. Black moulds can easily take up their place in bathrooms with these features and thrive there. 

Remove Black Mould from Bathroom Grout

The right environment for the moulds attracts them to grow. Moulds are of several types and many of them can grow in such an environment. Removing moulds, that too from bathroom tiles can be tiring but it is very important to avoid illnesses and allergies caused by moulds. Today, you will get to know how to deal with such black moulds that grow in your bathroom.

Tips to Remove Black Mould from Bathroom Grout:

  • Removal of the mould from grout- First and foremost it is necessary to remove black mould from bathroom grout and then look after other precautions. There are many types of cleaning agents that are available in the market for removing moulds. You can even use an antifungal surface cleaner for this. Use a sponge to clean cloth to wipe off the moulds. Now, scrub the grout and tiles if any stubborn areas still have mould then rinse them thoroughly. 
  • Get rid of mould stains- After the removal of moulds, there can still be mould stains remaining on your grout. For removing these stains, make a solution of equal parts of bleach and water. Put it on all the black stains and leave it for about 10-12 minutes. After that, put the solution again and scrub it using an old toothbrush.
  • Remove the mould spores- It happens many times that after the removal of mould, mould spores remain on the tiles. The bleach used in the above step can get rid of mould spores but only to a certain extent. So, use vinegar on the area and let it dry. With this, all the mould spores will get finished.
  • Prevention of further black moulds- Black moulds can occur again because of the dark and damp conditions of a bathroom. So, follow this bathroom cleaning Canberra tips to prevent the black mould from growing in your bathroom again.
    • Keep a bottle of vinegar in your bathroom. Spray this often for black mould prevention. You can add a few drops of essential oils to avoid the smell of vinegar.
    • Install an exhaust fan, this will help to reduce the humidity in your bathroom. Running an exhaust fan whenever you take a bath will remove the steam from the inside.
    • Always wipe and clean the glass doors and windows of your bathroom. This gets rid of the excess moisture from your bathroom. While you are at it, wipe off the sinks as well. 
    • Clean your bathroom thoroughly every week to avoid the formation of moulds. 

Other Methods to Get Rid of Moulds in General from Your Bathroom

  • Regular chlorine bleach- Bleach, especially regular chlorine bleach works best to get rid of the mould from white tiles. Ensure you avoid the usage of bleach on coloured tiles as it can cause discolouration of the tiles.
  • White vinegar distilled- We know that white vinegar is a natural cleaning agent and it can even saturate your moulds. Let the white vinegar sit on the moulds for half an hour and scrub it off. Rinse it at last.
  • Baking soda- Make a paste of baking soda and apply it to the moulds. Within 10 minutes, the baking soda will lift the mould and you can scrub it afterwards. Rinse it as usual after the process.
  • Hydrogen peroxide- Once you apply baking soda paste, slowly pour or spray hydrogen peroxide over the moulds. It will fizz up and loosen the mould. Now, you can use a stiff brush to scrub off the fizz along with which the mould will also get off. Rinse and clean the remaining remnants.

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